Competition Rules

Monthly Competition Rules

These rules are to be read in conjunction with the Generic Competition Rules. Please note changes made which come into affect from September 2019 onwards.

1. This competition is intended for new images only.

Images which have been previously entered in a monthly competition CAN be entered into a subsequent monthly competition ONCE ONLY. This allows for improvements to be made to an image following comments given by the judge of the initial image.
An image can be entered into another class in the same monthly competition or subsequent monthly competitions beyond the condition given above only if it has been:
a) significantly reworked or
b) converted to mono from colour or vice versa.

Entries which have been entered in this club's Annual Competition previously will not be eligible.

2. There will be several competitions during the Winter Programme (typically eight September to April).

3. There are two classes:
  • Prints of any size up to 50cm x 40cm, which must be mounted on boards 50cm x 40cm
  • Projected images
4. The subject in all classes is open and entries may be monochrome or colour.

5. Print entries should be presented at club nights as indicated on the programme (usually the last Friday in the month).

6. A member may enter up to 5 entries in total across the two classes, with a maximum of three in any one class.

7. Each entry will receive a mark out of 10 and the highest six marks of each competitor from different months in each class will be accumulated over the season. The overall winners will receive a memento at the Annual Presentation. In the event of a tie, the number of 1st places will be taken into account. If a tie still pertains then the number of 2nd, 3rd places etc. will be taken into account.

8. Entries must be titled on the entry. Names or initials must NOT appear on the entry. Print entries should have the club label (available from the Monthly Competition Secretary) completed and stuck on the back of the mount. DPI entries should be named solely using the image title, WITHOUT the entrant's member number.

9. All entrants must submit their entries to the Monthly Competition Secretary online using the PhotoEntry software.