Competition Rules

General Competition Rules

1. The competitions are only open to Accrington Camera Club members.

2. Entries must be the work of the entrant, who is deemed to hold the copyright for the work and with whom all liabilities relating to copyright and plagiarism remain. Neither Accrington Camera Club nor its officers will accept any liability on behalf of its members in the event of claims of copyright infringement or plagiarism being made against the members. Developing of films and printing may be carried out by third parties i.e. commercial laboratories. ALL manipulation must be the work of the entrant.

3. In all competitions all prints must be mounted on boards 50 cm x 40 cm and must be of that size to be hung at the annual exhibition. Members should also note that for submissions to L&CPU and PAGB competitions, boards must be 50cm x 40 cm (not 20” x 16”). To avoid damage to the face of other prints there must be no sticky tape on the back of mount boards.

4. Digital images for projection must be 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high, JPEG format. Any part of the frame not occupied by the image must be black or grey filled. Ideally the profile should be sRGB; unusual profiles such as those used by commercial printers may not project true colours. All files are to be sent via PhotoEntry

5. Whilst all reasonable care is exercised with photographs submitted, Accrington Camera Club and other associated bodies e.g. L&CPU, ICPA or other clubs accept no responsibility for damage or loss of entries when entered into their competitions or whilst being exhibited by them.

Entry into Accrington Camera Club competitions or those of other associated bodies e.g. L&CPU, ICPA or other clubs, confirms that the entrant accepts all of the associated competition rules.

Unless agreed in writing with the committee in advance, entrants to all club competitions automatically give permission for that entry to be used by the club for publicity purposes only, with the entry being attributed to the photographer in question when published. Entries may also be used in external club competitions.